About Us

Eclipse Promotions was set up in 2008 after working with and for a variety of other paranormal groups. We decided to start our own organisation to continue with the work we have been doing for many years but improving on older formats which seemed to leave many people unfulfilled.

We both have a wealth of experience in business and administration, as well as our natural psychic and mediumistic abilities.

Dave Green
Having had an interest in spirituality, healing and natural clairvoyance from an early age, I have always been interested in not only the use of such ideas but also their practical uses, I have spent a lot of my time researching information and training to develop the innate spiritual abilities I had in these areas. I worked as an online advisor and teacher for mystical topics and spiritual development for the AOL community for 14 years.

With my business and customer service skills, I expanded my original training enterprises beyond corporate training and moved into self development and personal life skills coaching as well as developing complete programs of development for body, mind and spirit. I still provide individual therapy, training courses, and bespoke corporate courses.

Our Aim
Our Aim is to investigate and explore both the paranormal and the living history of buildings which have character and which may, or may not have any reported spiritual activity.

We also research and organise Ghost Walks at a number of locations throughout the Midlands and have recently been approached to work at other venues across the country.

It is our experience that the vigils we run, further heighten the image and profile of the venues that we investigate.



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