What We Do

Eclipse Promotions offer a range of services and events for people interested in the paranormal and spiritual sides of life. Some are run exclusively by ourselves, whilst others are run alongside other companies who work together as a team to promote the work that we all do.

Ghost Walks
Eclipse promotions offer ghost walks around the midlands area on a regular basis. Most walks take between 90 and 120 minutes and cover a distance between 1 and 5 km. All events run over the summer months only so that they are less affected by adverse weather conditions. Generally they run from the end of March to October.

On one of our ghost walks, you will be guided along the walk by two guides who are both working Psychics or Mediums. They will provide information and history relating to the buildings and places you visit - as well as providing information about the spirits which are sensed there at the time of your individual tour. due o the nature of spirit activity you may find a lot or none- sadly they don't come at our beck and call - but thankfully to date we have not had a tour that hasn't had some spectral visitor.

Walks currently in place or being developed for release this season include:

  • The Alternative Dudley Ghost Tour
  • Bewdley Ghost Tour
  • Birmingham Canal Ghost Walk
  • Jewellery Quarter Ghost Hunt
  • Bridgnorth Ghost Tour

If you know of any other areas that could benefit for ma regular or one off ghost tour please feel free to recommend it to us

Ghost Hunts & Over Night Vigils
We do not claim to be a paranormal investigation group, we prefer to refer to ourselves as a spiritual contact group - we aim to meet, explain and help people explore their own spiritual abilities so that they can experience the spectral energies around them for themselves through their own senses. 

Eclipse promotions provide over night vigils in a range of haunted and atmospheric conditions so that people can experience for themselves a "Most Haunted" style experience. We do not use a wide range of scientific equipment on our events as most often too many people around effect it being used effectively. We prefer to work with simple spiritual tools such as pendulums, planchette, glass work, table tipping and our own mediumistic skills. Additionally we do provide some scientific equipment such as thermometers for those who wish to try using them.

Each event also includes a workshop on some form of spiritual development to assist people in developing there own skills within this field. We believe this to be essential to peoples long term enjoyment of events as they will then experience more for themselves. As far as we are aware we are the only people providing these within this format.

Meal and a Medium / Psychic Suppers
These events take place at a number of locations around the midlands. These are not run by Eclipse Promotions, but are attended by Dave and the team.

A two or three course meal is provided and during the time that you are eating a number of mediums or psychics will come to your table and provide mini readings or messages for you as part of your entertainment (this is free within your ticket cost).

Generally where there is space available personal in depth readings are available for an additional charge.

Stand Up Mediumship Events
Live mediumship shows take place all over the country. We do not run these events ourselves, but work with other Companies who provide a number of mediums, psychics, therapists and clairvoyants to provide messages to the audience who sit to watch the show. There are also mini reading available for selected people, and on occasion small readings may be offered free (this is determined by the size of the event). 

At all events personal in depth readings are available for an additional charge. These event's arent run by EP but by other Companies that we support.

Psychic Fairs
Psychic fairs are offered normally 3-4 times a week. 

At these events, there are a number of psychics, clairvoyants, mediums and therapists providing one on one readings for people who attend. Generally readings are approximately £25 for 20-30 minutes. At these events there are no presentations or mini readings offered for free, however, mini readings may be offered at a small cost

It is recommended you arrive early to book your appointment with the reader of your choice on the evening - as some do get book up very quickly.


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